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You’re at the section of our site called. . . Sharing our Stories.

Did you ever wonder how other families do it—how other families actually “do school?” How they order their days, and what solutions they’ve found for challenges that you and I face?

Sharing our Stories is the place to find out.

In these stories other parents offer you a glimpse into their own family’s life. They offer you solutions, tips and paths that have worked for them. They share how they get dinner ready on busy nights, how they homeschool ‘on a dime,’ how they homeschool their special needs children, and help for many other challenges.

Our parents who write are open and frank. They tell of their doubts, their worries, their joy, and what parts of a challenge still remain for them.

In these stories you are sure to find encouragement. After you read, please know that we welcome you to share as well. Just click on the top left of this page—fill out the submission form, and send it in.

To read a story, look to the left. We arrange them by categories. Some stories are in multiple categories.

Just click a category. . .see the story titles pop-down, click one, and read!

Thank you for reading, and for increasing meaningful communication among our community of home-educating families.


Virginia, Pete, Lisa, Tom, Sue, Scott, Amy, Dave, DeAnn, Ken, Cindy, Mark, Marjorie, Tim, Chalmer, Josh. . .and the rest of us at Home School, Inc., who either homeschool, or our grown children homeschool, or we are friends of homeschooling.