Welcome to College Corner!  

          We offer you a collection of information and guidance from our staff, from college admissions counselors, and from other home school families, on the important steps involved in preparing for college, applying, and attending.  

          We continue to update this section regularly.  Please keep coming back!

          Many homeschooled students have gone before you.

          Colleges now have seen that homeschooled students do well in higher education.  

          Colleges welcome homeschooled students and look forward to more becoming 
          valuable and contributing members of their educational communities.

          In the words of Dean Reinhart, Associate Dean of Admissions, State University
          of New York at Buffalo:

                 "Many of our homeschooled applicants submit excellent portfolios, 
                   thorough and complete applications, and they know exactly what 
                   they're doing and what's required of them." (2007) 

          The help and perspectives we offer here are designed to help you, too, become one
of those well-prepared applicants!

     Homeschooling for High School:

Key Thoughts:  

          Look ahead at what colleges will require of you.

          After you look ahead, then make your plans.

          Colleges used to be skeptical about homeschooled applicants.   

          Because many well-prepared homeschoolers have gone before you,
          now colleges and universities have changed their minds.  

          Colleges also know more about what is available to home educating families.  
          Their expectations are higher than they used to be, about what you can do
          in your homeschool high school experience.  

  Selecting and Applying to College

  Key Thoughts:    

          While colleges are more flexible and willing to admit homeschooled applicants than they
          used to be, they also have high expections about the quality of your applicaiton.  
          Research, and visit, so you can apply to the school, or program that is the best fit to you.

          Prepare to apply completely, on time, and thoroughly so you can demonstrate
          to colleges, or other programs, and future employers, that you too are in fact, 
          prepared for them!

Attending College

          Key Thoughts:

          Many home schooled students have gone before you!

          They have paved the way. 

          There are skills involved in transitioning to college, whether you will continue to
          live at home, or whether you will attend a residential college and live there.
          Please take a look at this section as well.

          We wish you the best for your high school years, and your educational next step!

  Virginia Vagt, 13-year homeschool mom, and mother of a college sophomore (2007)